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We are retiring and had a rental property we wanted to sell. The tenants had trashed the place and it was all the way across town from us. We really wanted to be done with being landlords, and we wanted to be done, like yesterday! We talked to several investor companies and it seemed like it was going to be an ordeal to sell the place. So glad we found Jacob! He offered us a fair price, a little bit higher than the other companies. Our impression is that he does know what he is doing and would not waste our time.  

It was great that all we had to do was meet him once at the property and we had the deal signed and done within two weeks! That is just stellar turnaround! 

June Eberhart
Forest Park, GA

It was such a pleasure working with Jacob.  He made everything so clear and upfront and was very courteous in all aspects.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering selling their home.
Charlee Underwood
Canton, GA

As the Administrator of my aunt's estate, I was left with the task of selling her home. I received many letters and phone calls from investors and individuals interested in purchasing the home. Of the individuals I spoke with, I found Jacob to be the most professional and truthful. He was very helpful, patient and available to answer my many questions and calm my fears throughout the process. I am so thankful to have met him and even more thankful for his help in making the entire process quick and effortless. I highly recommend Georgia Home Rescue to anyone faced with the challenges involved with the quick sell  of a property. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you did! 

Cheryl Dumas
Atlanta, GA

I found Georgia Home Rescue to be a professional and respectful company to work with. Jacob was always punctual for our meetings to discuss the sale of the property. Things went well all the way through closing; no unpleasant surprises. Based on my experience, Georgia Home Rescue earned my respect and my recommendation!

Carol Brady
Atlanta, GA

I was tasked with liquidating my parent's estate after they were gone.  Their home was not in shambles but was also not in immaculate condition.  The idea of having to do multiple upgrades and repairs to ready the property for sale was not very realistic, as I live 2000 miles away.  Selling the home to an 'investor' seemed like my best option, but after talking to a couple of different investment companies, I was about to be convinced otherwise.

That's when I found Jacob and his team at Georgia Home Rescue.  From our first conversation, I knew this was going to work out...and work out well it did!  Jacob's offer was more than fair, very respectful, and the best possible outcome for myself and siblings.  I recommend that anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation, call Georgia Home Rescue.  You will not be sorry.
Scott Knight
Fayetteville, GA

It was a pleasure doing business with Jacob and Georgia Home Rescue.  After negotiating a fair price for our property, the closing took place in a timely manner.

I would not hesitate to do business with Jacob and Georgia Home Rescue again.
John Bleshoy
Forest Park, GA

It was a pleasant experience working with Jacob from Georgia Home Rescue.  He made the process of selling my home quick and stress-free.  He was easy to work with, a true professional and he did everything he said he would do!  He made himself available throughout the entire process to answer any questions or concerns that I had.  The transaction to sell my home was completed in two weeks.  I would definitely recommend Jacob with high regards.  Thanks again for your integrity and professionalism.

Evaline Williams
Lawrenceville, GA

I am very happy about the speedy results of the business that I ventured into your company with.  My experience was great and I would like to do business with your company again in the future.

I am very grateful to be awarded the opportunity to work with you guys.  Thank you so much and remain blessed.
Glory Uloucha
Forest Park, GA

I sold my house to Jacob of Georgia Home Rescue in July 2015.

My experience was very positive.  I could not have asked for more communication, consideration, or cooperation.

Cindy Cates
Marietta, GA

Jacob and Georgia Home Rescue helped me liquidate some property at a fair price, in a short time, and in a very professional manner.  

Thanks Jacob!

Curtis Durham
Atlanta, GA

Jacob introduced himself to my sister and I in late June 2014, and right away he was very helpful to us in telling us our options about the sale of our family home.  He went far beyond the call of duty in assisting us.  By that I mean his patience and explanation of the process was great.  We are very satisfied with the end result and I will recommend him to the 1st person that needs his service anytime.
Arnez Culberson
Atlanta, GA

Georgia Home Rescue (GHR) is true to their mission of "creating and delivering a quality service, which is unique and valuable"!  From the initial interaction throughout the closing, Jacob and his associates were professional, responsive, flexible, open/transparent, very customer service oriented, and beneficial in helping us understand and finalize the overall process.  This helped our family to entrust a precious, memorable residence into their hands to enhance, which will ultimately afford another family the opportunity to experience the joys of life that we found within.  GHR certainly lived up to their customer care policy, which states: "Our customers are the most important people in our organization." Our family highly recommends Jacob and Georgia Home Rescue.
Carlos Thomas
Atlanta, GA

Georgia Home Rescue is very easy and great to deal with.  They made selling my father's estate a very simple process.  If your paperwork is in order, you can sell your home in just a few days.  They keep you very informed and handle the whole process.  I highly recommend and will use them again if I ever have the need.
Leroy Leathers
Riverdale, GA

I had the privilege to enter into a real estate transaction with Jacob of Georgia Home Rescue in Nov. of 2012. The transaction was handled with the utmost professionalism. I'd like to say that it was a pleasure working with Jacob and his team. 

Bobby Hamby
Decatur, GA

All I want to write is that Jacob made a hard time in my life a lot easier.  See, the home that I sold was my parents' house.  They had lived  there for thirty something years.  I lost my dad in 2006, and my mom passed in 2011.  Now it was up to me to do something with their home.

I remembered getting a letter in the mail about a year before my mom died reading we buy homes in all conditions.  Well, this was an old house so I thought why not give them a call.   Jacob and I met at my parents' house, hit it off, and he bought the house.  The closing went just as smoothly as the selling.  Thank you Jacob for everything!

Barbara Maroney
Forest Park, GA

It was a pleasure working with you and your staff at Georgia Home Rescue.  I will let all my friends and family that may be having a problem selling their home know they should call Georgia Home Rescue.  The help you provided me in getting my home sold was a blessing.  I appreciate your business and will use it again if I am ever in a situation.  Thanks again for your help.
Fronnie Glenn
Atlanta, GA

Georgia Home Rescue really has heart.  Jacob worked with me to get me a price I needed to rejoin my family with my husband who had to move for a job out of state.

GHR was fast and painless.  Other investors were low balling me, whereas GHR was straight up and honest and worked with me, and not once was I made to feel bad or like a "piece of meat" in a lion's den like others had.

I would recommend Georgia Home Rescue to anyone who needs to sell fast and wants someone who really cares about you, your family, and your situation.
Angela Muirheid
Stockbridge, GA

My experience with Jacob and Georgia Home Rescue was great.  I called him and we made an appointment to meet at the property a few days later.  He came in and looked it over.  An offer was given, and with little negotiating we came to an agreement.  We closed the deal in three weeks.  I am very satisfied with the transaction and would recommend Georgia Home Rescue.
Leigh Ann Craft
Lawrenceville, GA

On behalf of my family, I would like to express our appreciation to Georgia Home Rescue.  I located the business on the Better Business Bureau website.  The service that we received was excellent.  Jacob is a very knowledgeable individual who is extremely easy to work with. We would recommend Georgia Home Rescue to anyone who is interested in buying or selling properties.
Donald Harper
Atlanta, GA

Hi.  My name is Louie, and I would like to comment on my experience with Georgia Home Rescue. I owned a two bedroom house in McDonough, Ga which was vacant. I had lost the homeowners insurance because it was vacant. Needless to say, I was quite concerned, so I contacted Jacob at Georgia Home Rescue.  He looked it over, made an offer that was quite fair, and we closed the sale about 3 weeks later! The whole process was painless.  All closing cost were covered by Jacob, and I didn't have to make any repairs! In this economy, Georgia Home Rescue really came through, I would certainly recommend their services to anyone with a real estate problem.
Louie Calloway
McDonough, GA

Jacob gave me and my family piece of mind.  We were able to close quickly, and he paid us a good amount of money for our property.
Marquita Hardison
Decatur, GA

I received a letter from Jacob with Georgia Home Rescue.  The letter indicated Jacob would like to purchase the house. It was early in the process but I contacted him and he got back to me the next day with a price.  At the time, we weren't ready to sell and I let him know. 

Many months later we were in a position to sell the house so I again contacted Jacob who was very pleasant and said that he was still in a position to buy the house.

We met him at the house (on my time table) a few days later.  He made the entire process simple and quick.  The attorney he used was as professional as Jacob had been and we closed quickly and before the date stated in the contract.  At closing I observed that this transaction was the easiest thing that I had dealt with in regards to my brother's estate.

I highly recommend Jacob and Georgia Home Rescue.  They exceeded every expectation I had, and we closed without surprise. 

Peggy Lydell
Peachtree City, GA

My name is Minnie James.  I received a card in the mail.  It was Georgia Home Rescue, and it was a prayer answered.  My income was decreasing while my expenses were increasing.  I had reached the end, so I thought.

My mortgage company wouldn't assist me. I had tried for more than a year to get help, and it didn't happen. I contacted the Georgia Home Rescue and had the pleasure of speaking with Jacob.  He has always been wonderful.  Thank you Jacob and your associates.  This was a short sale, which takes some time.  My home went on the market in December of 2010 and was sold on April 5, 2011.

Once again, thank you all.  I'm happy once again.  God bless you all for making my day.
Minnie James
Morrow, GA

I would definitely recommend GA Home Rescue.  You provided a way out of a bad situation.  We are extremely grateful for your excellent service.

Tammy McConico
Marietta, GA

If I had to describe the Georgia Home Rescue team in one word, I couldn't.  The reason being is that there aren't enough words to describe it when it comes to the GHR team.

Having to sell my home was one of the hardest decisions ever made; emotionally and financially.  Fortunately I was able to work with a team of people who made this experience for me hopeful, appreciative, and relieved!!!!  There were quite a few times during the process that I wanted to just give up, throw in the towel, and take the hit.  However, Jacob and team GHR refused to let that happen.  They went above and beyond to make sure that not only my house got sold, but I walked away with little to no financial obligations.  For that, I am most grateful, and I would recommend their services to anyone in a similar situation as mine.  I know for a fact that final outcome would be satisfaction guaranteed.

As noted in the GHR mission....."to service our customers by creating and delivering a quality service, which is unique and valuable......." I was able to receive that and more and could not have asked for a better team to do it.

Kudos to team GHR!!!
Angela Frazier
Hiram, GA

Our mortgage was with a lender that nobody else wanted to help us with because of how difficult they were to deal with.  Georgia Home Rescue, however, took my case and did not give up until I finally sold my home.  They worked on it for more than a year and never gave up regardless of how many hurdles my lender kept throwing up.  Now, I don't have a foreclosure on my credit and I can move forward with my life.

Georgia Home Rescue was wonderful.
Luis Albarran
Lawrenceville, GA

I would like to take a moment to thank Jacob and the entire team at Georgia Home Rescue for helping me sell my failing rental properties.  I felt like I had tried everything else, and the banks were calling to harass me and my wife non-stop.  Jacob and the team were able to negotiate with the banks to come to a solution that everybody could agree on.  We closed the sales much quicker than I expected and the phone calls stopped immediately.

The best part about the team at Georgia Home Rescue is their relentless devotion to understanding the needs of their clients and helping in every way possible.  They treated me with respect and dignity, returned my calls quickly, answered my questions honestly, and did everything they could to make it a quick and painless experience.

Thank God for Georgia Home Rescue, and for the team they've put together to help homeowners in need.
John Childs
Smyrna, GA

I was at a point where I had been out of work for one and a half years.  I thought my only option was to foreclose on my home or to declare bankruptcy.  Georgia Home Rescue placed an advertisement in my mailbox stating they could help with no out-of-pocket costs to me.  At first I was extremely skeptical and asked Jacob many questions.  He seemed very knowledgeable and compassionate to my situation.  As it turned out, Georgia Home Rescue did everything they said they would do.  I now have a new beginning thanks to them.
Michael Mills
Kennesaw, GA

Georgia Home Rescue  came to my "rescue".  My family and I recently experienced a challenging situation.  I was nervous and scared throughout the process, but Jacob and his team turned a stressful situation into a sigh of relief.  Jacob was extremely professional and caring.  He was patient and kind.  Jacob answered all of my questions and concerns explaining the process in detail.  In addition his assistant, Jayne, contacted me weekly to keep me informed.  Georgia Home Rescue genuinely cared about my family and I.  Words cannont express my gratitude and sincere appreciation.  I would gladly recommend Georgia Home Rescue to all families that are experiencing a similar situation.
Ettiene Godfrey
Snellville, GA

When I called Georgia Home Rescue and spoke with Jacob, he was very informative and he explained how his company could help selling my rental property that I could no longer afford the maintenance on.  When he asked what mortgage company I had, he advised me that this particular bank takes a longer time, but is patient.  Jacob’s assistant, Jayne, is so informed that I didn’t have to speak with Jacob again until closing.   I closed on my property within six months.  Now I am stress free. Thanks Georgia Home Rescue.  You have a great team!
Zakiya Hill
Douglasville, GA

I had a previous agent who said that she knew exactly what it took to sell my house, but she couldn't deliver.  I was very disappointed especially since it appeared like I was put on the back burner of her client list.  In my frustration I started to find other alternatives and found Jacob at Georgia Home Rescue.  From day one, I have been very impressed with his dedication, constant communication and overall ability to go above and beyond.  At time when it seemed like the proposed short sale would have failed, Jacob found ways to allow the lender to come to decision that was in my best interest.
Moses Adrien
Atlanta, GA

For one year and one month, Jacob worked with my two banks, HSBC and US Bank to sell my house in Georgia.  Jacob persevered even when I gave up.  He always came up with new solutions.  He kept the faith, and with a firm and humble voice, he always made his point.
Mary Ngatia
Jonesboro, GA

I really appreciate your help in selling my home in less than six months.  Your company is very efficient, effective, and very professional. 
Fatima Smith-Joda
Lawrenceville, GA

Not only did he get the mortgage company to accept the offer,  he also got the taxes taken care of since I was laid off and I could not pay them. Thank you Jacob for all that you did. I could not have made it without you. I was so worried.  I did put my trust in you and I am glad I did. You got the job done. I will never forget everything you did.
Peggy Spruill
Hiram, GA

We'd like to thank you and Georgia Home Rescue for all you have done for us. Without your knowledge, patience, persistence, and guidance we would have lost our home and probably declared bankruptcy in the interim.  You were with us every step of the way with constant and timely updates, as you promised.  You handled all negotiations with both lenders and other parties involved.

We are literally walking away with a new lease on life.  There is no way I can describe the amount of joy we feel and the gratitude we owe Jacob.  I will recommend him to anyone I see and everyone I know.
Tawanda Lattimore
Douglasville, GA

After being referred to Jacob by a friend, I was able to get my home short sold and taken care of in a timely fashion.  I would recommend Jacob to friends in similar positions to me because of his honesty and the hard work that he displayed on my file. Thank you Jacob.
Sheldon Clarke
Atlanta, GA

I was very pleased and impressed working with Jacob and the other associates of Georgia Home Rescue.  Before my connection with this company, I was dealing with another real estate group and had hit a dead end trying to get my property sold in the current state that the economy is in.

The associates of
Georgia Home Rescue worked diligently and professionally until all my needs and requirements were met to sell my property in a timely fashion.  Jacob was available and kept me informed every step of the way.  The burden of the threat  of foreclosure was lifted off of me, and I thank God for them.
Monica Heatley
Forest Park, GA

I was first introduced to Jacob in  February 2008 through a friend that had recently used Georgia Home Rescue to sell his second home.  Jacob arrived at my home at a reasonable time; he was warm and courteous, of which I was highly impressed.  He guided me through the paperwork and explained to me in details the type of information he would be requesting from me and explained the paperwork he had for me to sign in its entirety.

I was very impressed with his persona, which made me feel at ease.  I can continue to describe how wonderful Mr. Jacob truly is, but I want everyone to know that this is a real person.  He is a professional.  This is my testimony to share, hoping that the next client will receive the same support that I received.  In the end, I am forever grateful to him.  I am a testimony to the fact of what this individual can do.  I am more than grateful for his service and the company that he represents,
Georgia Home Rescue
Sandria Foster
Rex, GA

I know I called about 20 different people that sold or purchased homes but most of them said "Sorry, it's not enough equity in your home for me to make a profit.  I'll be taking a loss on this deal."  The other ones just did not call me back with the information I put on their website.

Jacob called me back the same day and asked me several questions about why I'm trying to sell my home.  Jacob stopped me and said "I will be able to help you from what you have told me".  He told me the process and what he did for other individuals in my same situation.  Jacob was always keeping me informed about the process, my lender, and the closing.

Thanks Jacob.  Your Awesome!
Theresa Marshall
Lithonia, GA

I would like to start off by saying  "Thank You", Georgia Home Rescue.  You saved me.  I've been making monthly payments towards my mortgage and also paying rent for my home.  It's very hard for me to afford anything.  Everything is on a very tight budget.  You guys really helped me out and  I want to say "Thank You" again!
Sroy Chiv
Douglasville, GA

Jacob was exceptional.  He was very helpful and courteous in our time of need.  Thanks to Jacob, my family needs have been met. We would like to thank him and his team for their kindness and patience with us.

Lashun Smith
Mableton, GA

Let me just start out by saying I have a high level of respect for Georgia Home Rescue, and I would advise anyone to give Georgia Home Rescue a try.  If they can not help you, you can't be helped.  God bless you Georgia Home Rescue!
Daniel Quinn
Atlanta, GA

Georgia Home Rescue made my selling experience smooth and easy.  I would recommend the company to everyone!
Tiffani Davis
Douglasville, GA

Georgia Home Rescue helped us greatly.  We had to move quickly due a a job transfer and our options were very limited.  They have been a great help and I would recommend them for anyone who needs a quick sale.  Thanks for everything!
Tara Fuller
Acworth, GA

Georgia Home Rescue helped me to deal with an unwanted property.  They pulled me out of a potential bind, saving me time, energy, and money.  I thank you and would recommend the company to others.
Kimberly Lambert
Marietta, GA

I had a vacant property that I needed to get rid of ASAP.  I tried other companies, but I never felt comfortable with them.  Then I stumbled onto  I'm soooooo happy I found Georgia Home Rescue.  They were just what I needed.  They closed extremely quickly and followed through on everything they promised.  I can't recommend them enough.
Edna Cardwell
Mableton, GA

Georgia Home Rescue worked very hard to structure a deal for the purchase of a house I owned that gave me what I wanted.  I would recommend Georgia Home Rescue to anyone who wants to sell their home quickly for a fair price.
Stephen Flynt
Marietta, GA

Taking only a couple of weeks to make a settlement, we were on our way.  Thanks to Georgia Home Rescue, we can now start to purchase a new home for our growing family.
Bianca Lee
Atlanta, GA

Jacob especially was a true professional.  He always kept me informed with the processes.  He made this a truly pleasurable process.
Justin Ellis
Kennesaw, GA

It was a wonderful blessing to have found Georgia Home Rescue.  They were very fast, professional, and proficient.  I have recommended them to all my friends.  
Yolanda Langley
Douglasville, GA

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to you for all your assistance, mentorship, guidance, and patience throughout this process.  I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone!  Thanks for helping me get one step closer to financial freedom.
Paquel Austin
Douglasville, GA

I've been most impressed with the way Georgia Home Rescue conducts business.  They're personable, polite, and always respectful.  They made a process that can sometimes be very unpleasant a pleasure.
Elaine Magnes
Marietta, GA

Jacob was very patient with me.  I sent him many emails with lots of questions and he happily answered each and every one.  After about a week we decided on an agreement that suited my needs.  I am very happy with this decision.
Ceceil Rufo
Dallas, GA

Everyone was very helpful and friendly!
Kindahl Wright
Powder Springs, GA

I would have to say that the experience I had with Georgia Home Rescue is great.  The service they provided for  is a win-win situation on both sides.  This company provided great service by coming up with solutions to help my housing needs.  They were prompt, guided me through the steps, and provided great customer service.  I would recommend the company to anyone who needs to sell a house fast or whatever housing challenge they may find themselves in.
Maceo Hines
Atlanta, GA

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